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  《我想有个家》—— “英雄犬”领养活动


I was born in the kennel, had a wonderful childhood in there.


As time goes by, I was chosen to be--- Blood Donor dog.

I am not quite understanding what does it means, but others call me Dog Angel!


About every 3 months, when the engine starts, it might be my chance again to have a small trip for sightseeing. Also, I am incredibly exciting about upcoming new mission!


It’s time to go! I am so exciting get on the road trip. My friends need my blood to save their lives. I like go out and help others dogs.


After I donate my blood, I get little tired. But it can save another dog‘s live. It is as precious as mine life.


A Vet with a glasses will give me a huge hug after I woke up from the anesthesia,and also my favorite chicken and canned food. yummy yummy! It help me get better and get stronger. Although food is so good, but that big warm hug it’s even better!


After several years, I retired from Blood Donor service.

I wish I can get in the car go to the road that full with dandelion…


I wish I have a family, warm and joyful, and actually I am really good at catching ball.



My name is La-Zi , I am a boy Labrador , my birthday is 2015/1/15, In my whole service career I donated 11 times , and saved 9 lives, I am nice and gentle, like somebody pet me and tickle me!



My name is La-Mei, I am a girl Labrador, my birthday is 2012/3/12.

In my whole service career I donated 16 times, and saved 13 lives, I am a good girl, enjoy small trip or just take a stroll.



While they have been chosen to be a blood donator, duty of life saving with their own blood become part of their life. “Dog angel” is their name, and they saved countless furry lives. Our oldest blood donator is 6 years old, and they deserve to take off the duty and enjoy their life in a warm family.

Animal medical treatment need blood donator, just like us human. We hope people understand this is a essential aspect of medical science.

In order to ensure their health and benefit, we hope there are some families will adopt them and willing give them Time, Care and Love. 



A friendly reminder:

All our Hero blood donator dog had complete vaccination and were neutered, with full health record. Every adopted  blood donator dog can get a free annually heath check and 20% off for pet grooming service forever. (Please contact us for more info)


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